Red, White & Buckwheat

Red, White & Buckwheat

Happy 4th of July! I’m busy getting my Fruit, Veggies, Smoothies & Juices ready for the big weekend.

See my brand NEW Recipe for raw Vegan Sugar Free Chocolate Brownies.

I’ve been SO delighted with my beautiful Buckwheat Greens, Wheatgrass & Broccoli Sprouts lately!

These greens are so EASY to grow with just a little time, dirt & effort. Ha!

And such superior nutrition.

Raw, living baby plants give you so much energy & tons of nutrients & enzymes!

When I’m traveling, I just bring the whole tray of growing greens with me. Silly, but this ensures they stay alive & fresh until I eat them.

Ask any of my neighbors how many HEAVY bags of Fresh Fruit, Greens, Juices & Smoothies I take with me every weekend. Ha!! It’s Ridiculous.

I travel with a LOT of fresh food.

But I always have healthy snacks 🙂

Have a super FUN safe healthy & Happy 4th of July!


Expo West is the BEST

Expo West is the BEST

70K Healthy People

We had a an absolutely OUTRAGEOUSLY FUN & exciting time at Expo West this past weekend! I love this event SO much I wish it happened once every month.

It’s a GIANT Health Expo in Anaheim, featuring the newest & very BEST in Healthy Food and products. TONS of Vegan food to sample and so many inspiring people!

Most EVERYTHING there is Organic, Non GMO, Fair Trade, made by compassionate, ethical Green companies that truly care about people, the environment and our four legged friends 🙂

Some of my very favorite products were Fresh Origins, and Wild Brine fermented products, FRESH Raw Pichu Berries, frozen Columbia Fruit Dragon Fruit Mix, and Sambazon Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream.

Here are more DELICIOUS treats below!

Vegan Chocolate

Nib Mor, Theo, Endangered, Les Beaux Chocolats, Kiwa (Rose, Golden Berry, and Beet flavors!!) Addictive Wellness, Raw Energy & Life, Wonderfully Raw, Emmy’s, Whoopie Pies!!! Vivoo Organics, honey filled Heavenly Organics, Divine Organics

Raw Vegan Sweet & Savory Snacks

Rhythm BEET Chips, Kale Chips and Broccoli Bites, Go Raw WATERMELON Seeds, luscious LaraBar, Kind Bars, Pure Bars, Brad’s Kale Chips, Raw Food Central and Living Intentions

Vegan Snacks

Veggie Fries, creamy Daiya Vegan Cheese, Beyond Meat Vegan protein, VegeUSA, Jicama Chips Jica Chips, and Indus Organics, Nut Butter Blends by Kalot, Temple Turmeric Juices, Chlorophyll Water by Verday.


Secret Salad SuperFoods

Secret Salad SuperFoods

What 12 Year Olds Already Know

Our brand NEW Instagram account is SO much fun!! I JUST joined and can barely use it. Ha!! I didn’t realize how fabulous it was 🙂

It’s so EASY to share pictures, make new friends and connect with like minded people all around the world.

Plus it’s outstanding & inspiring to see all the beautiful raw vegan food photos people upload.

Recipes, creations and works of art!! Wow!! Everybody’s so talented.


There’s SO MUCH Fruit in Season!

As you can see we’ve been picking Dragon Fruit from the Farm, and I’ve been making LOTS of Green Juice with wild Curly Yellow Dock & Dandelion Greens.

Plus lots of Carrot/Beet/Ginger/Turmeric Veggie Juice. I try to make over a quart of of Green Juice and Roots Juice every week.

SECRET Salad Super Foods

Want to know a SECRET? I absolutely LOVE using Pink Guavas in Salads. And Goji Berries too! They add a sweet tart taste that’s really yummy.

Our little Goji Berry Plant is producing SO many Berries! They keep coming and they’re SO CUTE!! Goji Berries grow so well here in S. CA.

I try not to use any guava seeds because they’re tiny and very hard!

In my opinion, the Guavas go well with crispier greens like Romaine & Cabbage, and the Goji Berries are delicious with more delicate Greens, like Arugula & Spring Mix.

I think Dragon Fruit would be absolutely divine in a spring mix Salad but I always want to savor them by themselves since they’re so precious!!

We’ve also been picking LOTS of White Sapotes on the Farm, Pink Guavas, Tomatoes, there are still a few Figs hanging on, and waiting for all the bright Orange Persimmons which will be ripe SOON.

Fabulous Fruit Salads!

Fabulous Fruit Salads!

All Summer long, I enjoyed the most Fabulous Fruit Salads ever!  I would invent a new one every morning for breakfast.

The apricots, nectarines, peaches, cherries, pluots and plums were SO GOOD this year that I bought WAY too many and had to make all these GIANT fruit salads to eat them up.

Fruit Salads are FUN, healthy, super nutritious and very filling because of all the fiber. They’re fantastic for breakfast, dessert, at a party, as a side dish or snack!

Sweet juicy Mangoes and White or Yellow Nectarines & Peaches taste like pure sunshine when they’re ripe. These fruits combine so well with lots of different fruit!

So they were a base for most of my Fruit Salads. I especially LOVE Bee Pollen on top when I have it.

Fruit Salads are so happy and colorful and kids love them. You can be creative and pair all kinds of different fruit together for a new & unique tasty treat!  

Below are some of my favorite Fruit Salad Creations this summer.

Out of all of these, the Cherry Fruit Salad was the most stunning. Bright red, maroon and purple, it was beautiful!

Rainier Cherries would probably taste terrific with Nectarines & Peaches. I didn’t get to try it because I ate all my Rainier Cherries so FAST 🙂

Very elegant, and perfect to serve to guests. The cherries take a little time but they taste divine!

Another exciting Fruit Salad was Figs, Raspberries, and sliced Bananas.

The craziest Fruit Salad I made all summer was for the 4th of July. My lovely neighbor bought Pineapple, Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Blueberries, Strawberries, Watermelon and Grapes to make it with. I was hesitant to combine all these flavors…but it turned out delicious!

The sweetness of the melons helped to bring all the flavors together and the tang of the strawberries and pineapple was so refreshing. I couldn’t stop eating it!

It’s easy to make Fruit Salads all year long if you can find ripe fruit!

Eat This Berry to Stay YOUNG?

Eat This Berry to Stay YOUNG?

When I was little, I wanted to be Queen of the Fairies. I’m still waiting for that to happen, but this summer I feel like Queen of the Berries!

All summer long I’ve been so lucky to have had SO many sweet Raspberries, Blackberries and Cherries.

Right now I’m visiting the magnificent Pacific Northwest, enjoying the majestic Forests and all the beautiful Wildlife.

And also making my family giant Salads and Green Smoothies with Dandelions and other fresh nutritious wild greens.

I love to visit this time of year because the Blackberries & Huckleberries are ripe!

So I was absolutely thrilled & delighted to find FRESH local organic Aronia Berries from Guemes Island at the health food store.

I’ve never seen them or tasted them before! Aronia Berries are reputed to be one of the MOST AMAZING Super foods EVER!!

Also known as Chokeberries, Aronia berries are CHOCK FULL of antioxidants,vitamin C and anthocyanins.

They’re said to have impressive cancer fighting & ANTI AGING nutrients as well as be good for your heart.

They can prevent diabetes and lower chloresterol.

Plus help protect your SKIN from UV radiation.

Aronia Berries have more antioxidant activity than Blueberries, CherriesPomegranates, Goji Berries or Mangosteen!!

Aronia Berries may be the absolute BEST FOOD to fight Colon Cancer.

The check out girl made me nervous because she said they were really astringent and bitter. Yikes!!

I got brave at midnight last night and tried one. They were better than I thought they’d be! In my opinion they are astringent and tart but somewhat sweet too.

I couldn’t stop eating them! I was SO excited to be eating fresh Aronia Berries I couldn’t go to bed!

They’re an incredible black purple color. Great for a lovely natural lip stain! 🙂

Like a lipstick you’d wear if you were a fairy, to go with your dress made of Fairy Dust and Dewdrops!

I’m totally hooked on the Super Food Power of Aronia Berries now, their nutrition and tart sweet taste.

I’m going to start ordering them frozen and hopefully be able to add them to smoothies all year long!