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One of my favorite places in the entire world is the small self pick 5 acre organic family farm in Fallbrook that I’ve been lucky enough to spend endless sticky, sweet, scrumptious hours picking bags bursting with fruit over the past nine years.

My love for this property and gratitude to the Emerich Family has inspired me to start my own farm, Fruit Pursuit Farm.

Several months ago, my friend who was the care taker of this enchanting property passed away suddenly.

The remaining family member has since shut off the water to all the trees to save money.

He has closed the farm to the public, and my favorite farm will soon be 5 acres of dried up dead trees.

The property will probably eventually be to a developer who will subdivide it, bulldoze all the trees and build houses.

The people who live there will never know what a magical place used to exist beneath their grassy lawns.

My friend George Emerich Jr. was a true inspiration and his death was very devastating to me. He was a plant wizard who could grow anything, and the farm flourished under his care.

He gave his entire life to taking care of his father’s beautiful fruit trees.

His beloved cat Salt, disappeared after his death and hasn’t come back.

I had hopes that this special farm would be sold to someone who would appreciate it, and give it the love and attention it needs to bring it back to it’s full glory.

Instead I fear it will just be another Forgotten Farm, torn down to make room for yet another subdivision.

This farm has hundreds of fruit trees, some over 100 years old.

An entire Cherimoya grove, an Orange & Tangerine orchard, Macadamia grove, plus a dazzling array of sub tropical rare exotic fruit trees.

Trees on the Farm:

White Sapotes (several different trees over 100 years old)

Black Sapotes (Chocolate Pudding fruit – 3 trees)

Dragon Fruit (Magenta & White)


African Plum (very rare!)



Pineapple Guaves

Guaves (White & Pink)

Surinam Cherry

Goji Berries


Pakistani Mulberry (3 large trees)

Persimmons (lots of trees!!)




Liliquoi (Passion Fruit)



Macadamia Nut

Avocados (Hass, Fuerte & more)

Oranges (Navel, Valencia, Blood, Gold Nugget, Tangerines, Mandarin)

Meyer Lemons & regular Lemons

Here are all our Videos that we’ve filmed on the Farm and some of the pictures we’ve taken there over the years!

George Jr. and this special Farm have inspired me to start my own farm of rare, exotic subtropical fruit trees. It’s called Fruit Pursuit Farm, see what we have!