I had a spectacular time in the Pacific Northwest this August, picking enormous amounts of big super sweet Blackberries, and collected bags full of Nettles & Horsetails which I used in Green Smoothies and teas. 

I think the Blackberries were bigger and sweeter than ever this summer! I also had fun picking Evergreen Huckleberries, salmon berries and thimble berries.

Right before I left S. CA my good friend & fellow Fruit Lover stopped by with a whole truck load of Adriatic Figs he had picked for friends & family. Wow!!!!! They were so ripe & sweet.

So here was all the fruit I was busy picking, my newest batches of Fermented Veggies and my new little plant starts right before I left to go North!

The weather in Seattle was gorgeous as usual and warm & sunny in late August!

It was so fun walking downtown along the waterfront and I even got to go for a boat ride around Lake Union on a restored 1920’s Cabin Cruiser!