Hi everybody! It’s been a super sunny & fantastic Fall so far and I’ve been growing a LOT of Sprouts and Microgreens! Organic Buckwheat Greens, Sunflower Greens and Wheatgrass and a brand NEW green which I had never heard of before….Fava Bean Greens!!

It turns out that Fava Bean greens are really good for you, plus they’re cheap and easy to grow. You can eat them raw or cooked. I’m going to juice them and add them to salads or smoothies.

The over 100 baby Black Sapote Trees and almost 40 Jackfruit trees are getting bigger by the week. They’re so healthy!

We’re selling these for super LOW prices so people can grow these rare exotic trees without spending a lot. 

I’ve been really enjoying Persimmon season, and making a bunch of Cactus Pear fruit smoothies too.

Right now I’m making my 2nd batch of Slightly Spicy Kim Chee 🙂 a blend of fermented cabbage, carrots, onions, garlic, anaheim chilis, serrano chilis and pasila chilis. It’s really good! I love it. Next time I’ll add Jicama. I love jicama in fermented veggie blends!