Hi everybody! It’s been a beautiful winter so far, sunny with blue skies. I was so excited to visit my friend’s nursery in Vista and get to try Ice Cream Bean for the first time ever! Yum! 

It was a huge tree, and the white fruit surrounding the seeds is really sweet & fluffy.

I also made a new friend who has an incredible collection of exotic fruit trees growing in his moderate size yard close to the coast. Lucuma, Jaboticaba, Ice Cream Bean, Surinam Cherry, Guavas, Black Sapote, White Sapote, Sapodilla, and several grafted trees that I was very impressed with.  And he had a cute tortoise to eat all the yummy ripe fruit on the ground!

His tree had the largest and sweetest Surinam Cherries I’ve ever tasted! I’m going to plant the seeds. I hope they grow! I planted my Ice Cream Bean seeds too. They’re supposed to be a fast growing tree!

The Ice Cream Bean fruit is rich in anti oxidants and the seeds can supposedly help cure dysentery and prevent rheumatism. Wow! Impressive for a fruit.

We still have a LOT of healthy organic Black Sapote trees & Jackfruit trees for sale! They’re growing really well.