Hi everybody! I’ve been meaning to post but have been SO busy here in Hawaii, my winter escape. 

I am so delighted to be here as a live in Raw Vegan Chef for my wonderful friend, making her Green Smoothies, Salads, Fresh Juices, raw vegan Chocolate, Desserts and special blend Herbal Teas. It’s so fun using local organic fruits & veggies from the Farmers Markets, our friends orchards and from our own garden!

I’m also doing several farm & garden projects, learning how to grow veggies, greens, wheatgrass, micro greens, herbs, fruit trees and flowers in a tropical climate! It’s beyond exciting 🙂

I’m so ecstatic that my friends have been giving me fruit trees! I have enough for a very small orchard now. Longon, Lychee, Mango, Soursop and 2 Papaya trees.

I was able to taste a locally grown Jackfruit and boil the seeds to eat too. They’re a great source of protein!! They taste like potatoes. They’re yummy!!! I ate some plain and made Dessert balls with the rest. They’re fantastic sweet or savory!

Other than seeing what I can grow, my friends and I have been very busy with hikes and adventures. 

Stay tuned, more to come!