Spring Showers Bring Spring Greens

Hi everybody! it’s my 5th month in Hawaii, still on the lookout for any & all wild edible Greens & luscious fruit in season. We’ve been getting some rain lately which is really helping the garden! I just planted more Purslane, Water Spinach and Malabar Spinach.

Whoo Hoo! All from cuttings I saved from bunches I had bought at the Farmers Market. I saved the stems, put them in water for about a week, then plopped them in the ground. And they’re all growing!!!! Which is so miraculous 🙂 

And recently I was overjoyed to eat my very first Star Apple, a sweet creamy concoction that was even better eaten chilled. 

Beach Bonanza

Still doing lots of hiking and exploring new and out of the way hidden Beaches!

Star Apples and Soursops are in season! Eggfruit season has ended now, and citrus is also coming to an end. It has been a crazy amazing citrus season here!

These big beautiful Eggfruit I picked from a spiritual Sanctuary. All the fruit I picked there was exceptional!

The Eggfruit I was blending into smoothies with Mango & Pineapple, which was yummy since Eggfruit do have an interesting flavor that not everyone likes….they’re a fascinating fruit! The color & texture of hard boiled egg yolk.

And these delicious dried Figs are from Costco. They’re SO good!!! I eat several for Dessert every night, in the hopes that they’re helping me eat less chocolate…which they are. Yum!!!!! As you can see, I’m absolutely obsessed with Figs!!