Mad Scientist Mix Ups

Mad Scientist Mix Ups

Beauty Products You Can EAT?

I’ve been obsessed with 2 things lately, Baby Birds and natural Beauty Recipes. These Beauty products are almost natural enough to EAT!

I’ve been keeping them in the fridge and they’re multiplying. Did I bother to label any of them? Why, no!

So now I don’t know which is which and they’re all mixed up. Whenever I smear one on, I don’t know if I’m getting a Tan, growing my Hair, using a Deodorant or putting on Sunscreen. Ha!!

I’ve been busily making anti-aging facial Toners, light, grease-less total UVA & UVA block Sunscreen (about 1000 SPF, that won’t make you white like a Clown!)  

Hair Sprays that make your hair silkier, shinier, stronger and grow faster, natural spritz on Deodorants, luscious creamy Lip Glosses, moisturizing after shower Massage & Body Oils, and my new & absolute favorite, Golden Glow Natural Self Tanner!!

It’s non sticky, non oily, super moisturizing & healing to your skin and gives you the most natural looking tan! I LOVE  it. I’ll post recipes when I’m more exact. I’m still experimenting and it sure is FUN!

I’ve always adored making natural Beauty Products. I’ve been making them since I was little!

Baby Bird Bonanza!

My neighborhood is a-chirp with Baby Birds hatching ALL around. Every kind of bird! I’ve been (way too) concerned with the Oriole family who’s been building nests right outside my bedroom in the dying, curling leaves of a great big messy Bird of Paradise tree.

All day long, every day for the past week or so I’ve been listening to a chorus of sweet little chirping voices.

And I was worried sick over the 4th of July weekend because just that morning I had found one poor little baby bird who had fallen to the sidewalk 🙁

And now it looks like the one remaining chirping baby in the nest has died too. So out of about 6 babies (2 litters), I think only one baby girl survived.

Ever determined, yesterday I saw that Mommy Oriole had built a Brand NEW Nest overnight! She’s FAST! Another very precarious Leaf Nest. Oh no!!

I heard a different sounding chirping and discovered another nest in a branch just 3 feet outside the living room window, with 3 teeny tiny Mockingbird babies, mouths open, peeping for their mother.

She and the father fly in and out with bugs and berries. She stays with them longer, nestling & snuggling them.

It’s TOO cute! Too cute to concentrate, so hard to get anything done. Especially since I have a “Bird’s Eye” view of the whole precious family.

It’s funny that they’re so close to the window…now I’m keeping the lights off at night so as not to disturb them.

Crazy how birds & animals have to live so close to people and put up with all our music, fireworks, lights, cars and leaf blowers! 

Wash Your Hair With Honey?

Wash Your Hair With Honey?


Jacquelyn hasn’t washed her hair in 5 years. Yikes! Can you imagine never shampooing again?? What would happen? She says her hair is shinier and healthier than ever!

She stopped using shampoo because of all the horrible chemicals in it. She says even the organic shampoos that claim to be pure & natural can have bad stuff in them too.

She tried baking soda & apple cider vinegar for awhile but eventually stopped using that too and now uses nothing at all. NOTHING. That’s amazing!

Also amazing are these Natural Homemade Shampoo Recipes below.

The Honey Shampoo Recipe is just Honey & Water!

Several years back I stopped using shampoo and only washed my hair with eggs. Ha!! That’s right, eggs.

Free range Raw eggs, whipped up in a big bowl with a few TB of apple cider vinegar. I would lean forward and put my head into the bowl and shampoo like that, then rinse out.

I’d have to rinse with cool water, not hot, or I’d get a Scrambled Egg Head. Not fun. Ha!!

This shampoo actually worked pretty well. My hair was clean and so shiny afterwards! But also kind of stiff and tangly.

Would you wash your hair with HONEY? What about Coconut Milk? Click for the recipes below!

These very natural homemade Herbal Shampoos have aloe, herbs, or Castile soap and best of all, you can make them yourself! They sound fresh and nice 🙂 Especially the Honey Shampoo and Coconut Milk Shampoo. YUM!! Happy shampooing!

Honey Shampoo

Coconut Milk Shampoo

Baking Soda Shampoo

Aloe Vera Shampoo

Rose Petal Shampoo

Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner Recipe

Natural Hair Rinses & Conditioning Treatments



Want Softer, Shinier Hair?

Want Softer, Shinier Hair?


Want silky, shiny hair all winter long? An old fashioned natural beauty secret is to add 1-2 TB apple cider vinegar to your rinsing water after you wash your hair.

I like to pour 2 TB into a big bowl half full of warm water, and tip my head upside down and slosh my hair around for a minute or so. Yes it looks silly! 🙂

Then simply rinse out. Apple Cider Vinegar is great for your hair & scalp and will make your tresses look and feel fantastic!

Farm Fresh Fuzzy Peaches

Farm Fresh Fuzzy Peaches


Zela & I had so much fun on the farm this past weekend, picking sweet, yummy, fuzzy organic peaches! They’re very good, but so fuzzy! I’ve been peeling mine. We also got grapefruit, avocados, oranges, lemons, wonderful melons, apples and big red juicy tomatoes.

The grapefruits are really tasty. Not too sour, just tart enough. I was so hungry from fruit picking I started peeling & eating them underneath the tree! Grapefruit is so good for you. Cleansing, and really filling with all the fiber. A terrific diet food!

Our farmer friend picked special melons for us to sample. Yum! They were really good! Small, exotic looking cantaloupe type melons, he said they were from France. He couldn’t find the seed pack to tell us the name.

He did say he’d seen an infomercial recently where someone was advertising an extract from this exact melon as an anti-aging secret in a skin care formula. So after I ate one of the melons this morning, I rubbed the peel all over my face 🙂

Zela is great with the fruit picking pole, which was good, since I was over heating and my sunscreen was melting in rivulets. After the farm, we went to the bazaar and got to meet this bright colorful (and a little cranky) parrot! It was really fun having him on my arm. He was heavy!

Here’s a picture of a new little hummingbird that likes to perch outside my kitchen window. He’s adorable!! He loves to sit on that leaf. He fluffs his feathers, yawns, eats bugs and poops. That part isn’t as cute. Ha!! He sees me in the window, eating fruit, rinsing sprouts, doing dishes, making salads.

Secret to Long Strong Nails

Secret to Long Strong Nails


Hi everybody! Want to grow longer, stronger nails faster? I think Parsley juice is the secret to long, strong nails!

I made some Gorgeously Gloriously GREEN juice this week. It tasted SO good. I juiced 3 bunches of celery, several crispy Persian cucumbers, 1 bunch italian parsley, 1 bunch cilantro, some fresh ginger and turmeric and 1 lemon. It was so energizing and refreshing!

Even with drinking wheatgrass juice, veggie juice, Green Smoothies everyday, huge salads for dinner, and a really healthy raw vegan diet,  I’ve been noticing that my nails have been breaking and growing really slow. They used to be so long and grow ridiculously fast!

I realized I haven’t been including parsley in my green juice for several months. I think my body has been really missing it. So I’m adding parsley and cilantro back into my Green juices regularly now!

I’m also really excited about my brand new cute little sprouter, the Victorio 4 tray seed sprouter. It grows sprouts like crazy! They almost grow too fast and too big in this sprouter. Ha!! They grew so large last week I had to juice all of them. I couldn’t eat them all!

This sprouter was really cheap and works great. I just start my sprouts in a jar first and then transfer them over when they’re big enough. Yay! I may buy another one, to see if I can grow wheatgrass in it.

Below you can see I’m growing organic Broccoli sprouts, alfalfa, red clover, mung and sunflower. Yum!! It’s SO easy to Grow Your Own Salad 🙂 ha!! And sprouts are so high in vitamins and nutrients. Lots of enzymes too! Growing your own sprouts is a super nutritious and inexpensive way to have fresh organic salads every day. Sprout away!