Las Vegas Vegan

Las Vegas Vegan

Viva Las Vegas!

We had a totally fabulous time in Las Vegas! We loved running around in the noisy glittering frenzy of the Strip as well as hiking in the rugged beauty of Red Rock Canyon.

Warm super SUNNY weather in the 80’s made it perfect for wearing summer clothes and dipping in the Pool.

And on this trip I discovered how cool the Las Vegas Arts District is! A bunch of buildings near old downtown Las Vegas and Fremont street have giant amazing paintings on them. It’s really fun to drive around and look at them!

It’s Easy to be Vegan in Las Vegas

Or should I say, it’s easy to be a CHEAP (or frugal) vegan in Las Vegas. Ha!!

I usually prefer to make my own vegan food rather than go out to restaurants, even though I know that Las Vegas has a lot of incredible vegan friendly restaurants.  When I’m traveling, I want fast, easy light & filling raw vegan snacks and meals that I can eat on the go!

Are Black Raspberries Better?

I am in LOVE with Black Raspberries!!! They make the yummiest, prettiest DARK purple Smoothies! And combine SO well with Blackberries, Cherries, Acai or Mulberries.

Like last time, I prepared for our Las Vegas road trip by making a bunch of Smoothies. 3 Green Smoothies, 2 gorgeous Black Raspberry Smoothies, and 2 Chocolate Coconut Smoothies.

2016-04-03 23.43.29

Smoothies for Las Vegas

And of course LOTS of Avocados! Plus some Medjool Dates for Dessert. Yum!!

But this time, our hotel didn’t have a fridge so I had to be super vigilant about changing the ice in the coolers we brought.

It was much easier than I thought it would be, and SO worth it to have all my favorite healthy snacks with me! I bought fresh Greens while we were there and made some delicious Salads too.

I brought an entire Orange & Purple Cauliflower for the first night we were there which I had steamed the night before and cut up into pieces. It was so yummy topped with fresh creamy Avocado & sea salt! Such an Easy healthy Vegan Dinner 🙂 so light but very filling.

Home is Where the Fruit Is

I will gladly jump on the road and drive back to Vegas anytime. Because I love it!! Just let me make a few Smoothies and I’m ready to roll 🙂

But now we’re back home, happily picking fruit because Mulberry Season just started! We’re still getting tons of Fuerte Avocados (the end of the season for them), Meyer Lemons, Oranges, and a few days ago I was delighted to find a whole bunch of beautiful Purple Passion Fruit on the ground.

Yay! They come & go all year. It’s always a wonderful surprise to find them!

In the Land of Whales & Waterfalls

In the Land of Whales & Waterfalls

Hi everybody! It’s been an incredible month in Hawaii! Whale watching, HUGE giant Waves on the north shore, getting glorious Greens at the Farmers Markets, beautiful Beaches, spectacular Hikes, and just being outside, and going on Adventures every day!

Nights are magical, the Stars are SO Bright and the air is balmy. So thrilling to hear the waves crashing.

It’s been a wonderful way to get in great shape and lose weight by hiking, biking and swimming. But my hopes to lose a few pounds were foiled by a lot of big creamy buttery Avocados still on my roommates tree, so I didn’t really lose any weight 🙂 ha!! even with doing WAY more exercise (and harder exercise!!) than usual.

And my $1 Flip Flops from the Dollar Store lasted the entire month!! Can you believe it?? That’s getting your money’s worth!!

I’ve been making us healthy Desserts every night, Chocolate Date Walnut Balls (with Dates, Walnuts, a pinch Sea Salt, Cacao Nibs) or Chia Pudding with dates, peanut butter and sliced Bananas on top. YUM!!

My Raw Vegan Diet is really simple here, with hardly any snacking!! Amazing. I guess since I’m so busy adventuring around every day. Maybe less hungry because I’m so busy having fun!

I make 2 big Smoothies (a green Smoothie, often with Noni Fruit, and a Fruit Smoothie) for day time, and then a giant Salad at night, and that’s pretty much it, except for Herb Tea (a cherished nightly ritual) and dessert.

I’ve been growing most of my normal Sprouts in jars, but noticed that some (Fenugreek, Garbanzo) got slimy & went bad fast. So on my subsequent batches I transferred those to the fridge faster than usual. My Lentils, Peas grew fine, and the Alfalfa & Red Clover needed more ventilation than normal. Probably because of the higher humidity!

I’ve been making my all time Favorite Secret Salad Topper, with locally grown Beets, Carrots, Ginger, Turmeric, Garlic & Onions. YUM! I absolutely love it on Salads.

I’ve been getting CANDY sweet luscious Royal Hawaiian Pineapples for only $2.50 each at Costco. Wow!! They’re outrageously good. They make the kitchen smell heavenly!! So I’ve been eating & Juicing a LOT of Pineapple.

We also visited a Mushroom Farm where they were growing buckets & buckets full of beautiful White & Pink Oyster Mushrooms!

Stay tuned for more pictures 🙂

Hello from Hawaii!

Hello from Hawaii!

Hi everybody! It’s been a wonderful Fall & Winter, full of NEW exciting recipes & healthy creations!

In the Fall, we picked lots of Jujubees, which I ADORE and have been storing, dried, and adding a handful to my nightly Herbal Tea. Yum!! They really sweeten your tea and add a lovely flavor.

I made a LOT of Veggie Juices these last few months. Especially Green Juices with Dandelion, Curly Yellow Dock, Purslane, Swiss Chard combos with Cucumber, Ginger, Lemon and Pineapple. Fantastic!!

And Root Vegetable Juices with Beets, Golden Beets, my beloved Purple Carrots, Ginger & Turmeric.

For Christmas, I was with my family in the Pacific NW, and had a terrific time making elaborate marinated Salads every night, with different dressings and a dazzling array of veggies! I discovered that marinating Cauliflower (or Cabbage or Celery!) all day is SO GOOD in a salad. It gets tender and sweeter.

I was using Rice Vinegar with fresh Lemon or Lime Juice added, and either Olive Oil or my new delicious discoveries, Pumpkin Oil.

In Nov. I went to Hawaii for a month of Hiking, Swimming, Kayaking and Adventuring. I helped my friend with his Noni business and was overjoyed to find out it was Avocado season. Oh my!! These avocados were rich, CREAMY, sumptuous and gigantic!!

After the Holidays, I drove to Indio with a friend to sample over 12 different kinds of raw, organic SOFT super SWEET FRESH Dates at Oasis Date Gardens. Oh it was HEAVENLY! We bought a few boxes of Honey Dates & Bahri Dates (our favorites!)

And of course it’s Citrus Season around Christmas in California, so we had so much fun picking TONS of sweet Tangerines & Meyer Lemons at the Farm.

There were still a lot of Persimmons after the holidays so I made a BUNCH of FABULOUS Cactus Fruit Smoothies and sweet tart Persimmon Smoothies with frozen Goji Berries I had from the Summer and tart tangy Passion Fruit ice cubes.

We were also lucky to find Fresh Berries at the store (in winter!!) so I was making LOTS of Fruit Salads. And I made my very FIRST batch of Raw Vegan Kim Chee of 2016. Yippee!!

So now it’s Feb. and I’ve run off to Hawaii again for more Fun, Fruit and Fitness. Hiking, Biking and Swimming! There are still a few Avocados left on the trees too!

My friends and I have been blending up Noni Green Smoothies, and I’ve been getting super sweet Fragrant Pineapples and beautiful locally grown Organic Kale, Arugula, Napa Cabbage, Turmeric & Ginger at the Farmers Markets. Plus growing JARS and jars of Sprouts!!

Stay tuned for more pictures and NEW Recipes coming soon! 🙂 

Coconut Kettle Bell Workout? New Video!

Coconut Kettle Bell Workout? New Video!

Here’s my friend Kenny, long time Vegan Raw Foodist, inventor, author, handy man who lives off the land in Hawaii, trying to teach me something useful.

Like how to carry Big heavy Coconuts from out of the Jungle!

But am I paying attention? No! All I want to do is dance….hence, the Coconut Kettle Bell Workout!

These Coconuts can certainly give you a great workout. But he harvests the huge brown Coconuts to use for Coconut Cream, and shares his secret technique in our upcoming video.


Raw Vegan in Vegas

Raw Vegan in Vegas

We went to the spectacular International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas for BikiniFlirt Bikinis and had an absolutely incredible time!

We were all on a budget but still had SO much FUN. Here are some tips to eating fresh and healthy when traveling and how to Save Money on your Las Vegas Vacation!

Raw Vegan in Vegas

It’s easier than you think to eat healthy while on vacation! The night before we left, I made about 2 Gallons of Green Smoothies with Kale, Dandelion, banana and coconut water. Brian juiced about 2 Quarts of fresh Apple Juice.

I made 1 Gallon of Veggie Juice from cucumbers, carrots, apples, ginger, lettuce, turmeric. We also dried a bunch of cinnamon apples and bananas, and made Kale Chips.

We packed 2 coolers full with plenty of ice and drove across the desert. We also brought utensils, filtered water, salt, spices, honey, avocados, tomatoes, mulberries, coconut waters, a cutting board and various light but helpful kitchen stuff.

We stopped at a few 99 cent only stores for baby Lettuce, Lemons & Tangerines (citrus for salad dressings) This made it SO easy to sip Smoothies and Juices throughout the day and throw together quick Salads! What also made this possible was having a mini fridge in our hotel room 🙂

I actually brought a BLENDER from home thinking I’d need to make more Smoothies, but I had brought the perfect amount. I didn’t even need to use it.

There are also LOTS of terrific Vegan/Vegetarian friendly Stores & Restaurants in Las Vegas cater to the health enthusiast and vegan if you don’t feel like bringing a huge cooler! 

What About Cheap Las Vegas Buffets?

We actually didn’t find any. Cheap buffets in Vegas may either be a rumor, or something that existed in the past. All the ones we saw were expensive. Are there any cheap buffets left?

The $35 per person Buffet in our hotel had a CRAZY spread of desserts, noodles, seafood, meat and heaps of fattening foods but a microscopic pathetic salad bar. Not even a bar! More like a salad square. Ha!!

So the first night we celebrated at Soup Plantation (Sweet Tomatoes) and created our own Gigantic amazing Salads. Yum. I LOVE that restaurant!

Easy To Exercise in Sin City

It’s easy to exercise because you WALK everywhere! The casinos are enormous and it’s so easy to get lost in them. Traffic is nuts day and night so it’s actually faster to walk most of the time!

So besides walking up and down the Strip, all over the Lingerie Convention, Dancing, plus I did some Jump Roping and Running Stairs in the hotel, we all got fantastic workouts.

Las Vegas on a Budget

Here’s how we saved a bunch of money in Vegas!

How to Save Money in Vegas

Besides eating so light and healthy for cheap, none of us gambled! Ha! Which is hilarious because we all got a bunch of free gambling tips from our friends on how to Win a Lot of Money in Vegas before we left.

We didn’t even play the penny slots! Oh well. Next time. We definitely saved more money in Las Vegas by not gambling!

We also saved a lot of money by not (or barely) drinking. The drinks at the casinos are fairly cheap, but the drinks at night clubs are so expensive!

Of course you can always buy your own alcohol at liquor stores and make your own to save money on drinks. Lucky for myself (and others) I don’t drink at all so I save money all the time!

We saved TONS of money by not taking taxis. Whew, they charge by the minute if traffic is slow. And a lot of time traffic doesn’t move!! It’s quicker to just walk or take the bus. There are Buses that run all the time up and down the Las Vegas Strip and also a lot of the hotels have free Shuttles.

Let’s Go Back!

I had SO MUCH FUN that I can’t wait to go back! Hopefully we’ll have more time for hiking and exploring next time. I’d love to go to the majestic and beautiful Red Rock park. Next time we know exactly what to bring, Green Smoothies, Veggie Juice, Fruit, sunscreen and CUTE outfits! 

Hawaii Happiness

Hawaii Happiness

I had a super FUN incredible & wonderful time with my friends in Hawaii!! So many spectacular hikes. Every day was a big adventure! We got to tour an Organic Farm too, and buy by the Box which was great.

I lived on fresh Green Smoothies, Fruit Smoothies and huge Salads the whole time I was there. Very little chocolate, which was nice for a change! Instead of chocolate for dessert I’d make my roommate & I cacao almond shakes. 

When I got back, Brian gave me this beautiful fantastic & FRUITY Valentines Day present, which was just what I asked for!

Ever since I’ve been back I’ve been buying enormous amounts of Fabulous Fruit, Glorious Greens and tasty fresh Herbs from my favorite International markets, We’re SO lucky to have the wonderful variety of fruits & veggies here in California! 

I’ve been buying all types of Kale, Dandelion Greens, Beet Greens, Swiss Chard, Collards, Arugula, Watercress, Spinach and more!

Since I went nuts and over bought on Greens, I’ve been making raw vegan Kale Chips like crazy, trying to use up my Kale before it goes bad 🙂 And yummy savory Red Bell Pepper Flaxseed Crackers. Yum!! And I made a BIG batch of Coconut chocolate

Stay tuned for more Hawaii pictures and videos!!