Hi From Hawaii!

Hi From Hawaii!

Hi everybody! I’ve been meaning to post but have been SO busy here in Hawaii, my winter escape. 

I am so delighted to be here as a live in Raw Vegan Chef for my wonderful friend, making her Green Smoothies, Salads, Fresh Juices, raw vegan Chocolate, Desserts and special blend Herbal Teas. It’s so fun using local organic fruits & veggies from the Farmers Markets, our friends orchards and from our own garden!

I’m also doing several farm & garden projects, learning how to grow veggies, greens, wheatgrass, micro greens, herbs, fruit trees and flowers in a tropical climate! It’s beyond exciting 🙂

I’m so ecstatic that my friends have been giving me fruit trees! I have enough for a very small orchard now. Longon, Lychee, Mango, Soursop and 2 Papaya trees.

I was able to taste a locally grown Jackfruit and boil the seeds to eat too. They’re a great source of protein!! They taste like potatoes. They’re yummy!!! I ate some plain and made Dessert balls with the rest. They’re fantastic sweet or savory!

Other than seeing what I can grow, my friends and I have been very busy with hikes and adventures. 

Stay tuned, more to come!

Kumquat Crazy!

Kumquat Crazy!

Summer is Here!

Cherries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Melons, Peaches, Nectarines & Plums are everywhere!

And they make easy, super quick HEALTHY snacks to pack for your Weekend Adventures.

Eat them by themselves or make into Fruit Salads or Smoothies. Or make a quick Green Juice with Cucumber & your favorite Veggies to stick in the cooler.

Kumquats…Who Would Have Thought?

Have I gone Kumquat Crazy?

All because my friend gave me a big bag of them! I didn’t want to eat them but also I didn’t want to waste them.

So I got creative! I’ve been Juicing, Blending and making Kumquat Breads, Smoothies, Jams & Dressings!

And do you know what? They’re YUMMY when you add them to recipes! They add a surprising sweet tart citrus burst.

Since it’s still Black Sapote & Mulberry Season, (and now giant Blackberries too) we’ve been busy picking at the Farm.

Poor Brian fell off the ladder picking Black Sapotes 🙁 and broke his foot. He says no more climbing ladders at the Farm!

Oh dear.

This means either I have to start climbing them, or get a LOT better with the Fruit Picking pole. Ha!

Kumquat Recipes coming soon!


Happy Earth Day 2016!

Happy Earth Day 2016!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

What fabulous things are you doing today to celebrate our beautiful planet? Luckily, it’s a whole Earth Day Weekend, so there will be lots of chances for appreciation!


Today we went to the Farm and picked Mulberries, Lemons, Blood Oranges, Avocados (I need to stop eating ALL these avocados ASAP if I want to wear a bikini anytime soon!) and precious chocolate Black Sapotes.

A friend happened to be there with a huge bunch of Medjool Dates from Indio and I bought 10 lbs of them for a super cheap price. Yay! I LOVE dates because they’re a PERFECT Dessert, snack, and sweetener.

I try to always have some soft ones available (soak overnight not already soft) to toss into Sauces, Smoothies or Dressings for added NATURAL sugar free sweetness!

2 New Salad Dressing Recipes

I am addicted to this new Passion Fruit Party salad Dressing I just made up. Yum!!! It’s SO good. Light, fruity, tangy and bursting with flavor. And the Creamy Tahini Dressing is rich, savory and divine.

My newest Salads, Smoothies & Juices are always posted on my Best Beauty Foods Instagram. Check them out! And have a glorious weekend 🙂


Avocados Everywhere

Avocados Everywhere

We’ve been busy at the Farm, picking sweet organic Starfruit (from a SECRET tree I just discovered!!), Passionfruit, creamy Fuerte Avocados, Swiss Chard and of course lots of Oranges and my beloved Meyer Lemons.

Starfruit is SO good in Salads! That’s mostly how I eat mine.

And I’ve been making a sweet, tart & super TASTY Passionfruit Salad Dressing. I’m addicted to it! I’ll post the recipe soon.

It’s such a luxury to get year round Avocados when you live here…either grown here or Mexico. The Fuertes we pick at the Farm are really rich and yummy and stay good in the fridge for a few weeks!

2016-04-09 22.40.37

Which we need right now because we have too many 🙂 I love having too many Avocados!!

Especially nice to come home too after ALL the giant creamy ones in Hawaii in the fall & winter.

Plus it’s the season for one of my VERY favorite berries…Mulberries!! The season just started. It’s nice because we got a lot of rain which really helped the trees.

I got to spend several sunny days running around San Diego with my family which was so fun! I brought along my Green Smoothies so I always had a healthy snack. And I found these beautiful baby Nettles growing wild in an alley!

You never know where you’ll stumble across your next Super Food 🙂

Coconut Kettle Bell Workout? New Video!

Coconut Kettle Bell Workout? New Video!

Here’s my friend Kenny, long time Vegan Raw Foodist, inventor, author, handy man who lives off the land in Hawaii, trying to teach me something useful.

Like how to carry Big heavy Coconuts from out of the Jungle!

But am I paying attention? No! All I want to do is dance….hence, the Coconut Kettle Bell Workout!

These Coconuts can certainly give you a great workout. But he harvests the huge brown Coconuts to use for Coconut Cream, and shares his secret technique in our upcoming video.


Secret Salad SuperFoods

Secret Salad SuperFoods

What 12 Year Olds Already Know

Our brand NEW Instagram account is SO much fun!! I JUST joined and can barely use it. Ha!! I didn’t realize how fabulous it was 🙂

It’s so EASY to share pictures, make new friends and connect with like minded people all around the world.

Plus it’s outstanding & inspiring to see all the beautiful raw vegan food photos people upload.

Recipes, creations and works of art!! Wow!! Everybody’s so talented.


There’s SO MUCH Fruit in Season!

As you can see we’ve been picking Dragon Fruit from the Farm, and I’ve been making LOTS of Green Juice with wild Curly Yellow Dock & Dandelion Greens.

Plus lots of Carrot/Beet/Ginger/Turmeric Veggie Juice. I try to make over a quart of of Green Juice and Roots Juice every week.

SECRET Salad Super Foods

Want to know a SECRET? I absolutely LOVE using Pink Guavas in Salads. And Goji Berries too! They add a sweet tart taste that’s really yummy.

Our little Goji Berry Plant is producing SO many Berries! They keep coming and they’re SO CUTE!! Goji Berries grow so well here in S. CA.

I try not to use any guava seeds because they’re tiny and very hard!

In my opinion, the Guavas go well with crispier greens like Romaine & Cabbage, and the Goji Berries are delicious with more delicate Greens, like Arugula & Spring Mix.

I think Dragon Fruit would be absolutely divine in a spring mix Salad but I always want to savor them by themselves since they’re so precious!!

We’ve also been picking LOTS of White Sapotes on the Farm, Pink Guavas, Tomatoes, there are still a few Figs hanging on, and waiting for all the bright Orange Persimmons which will be ripe SOON.