Hello from Hawaii!

I’ve been here about a month and have been busy helping my friend in his organic garden and growing all kinds of Micro Greens

So far we’re growing Micro Green trays of organic Sunflower sprouts, Kale, Beets, Amaranth, Chia, Buckwheat, Broccoli, Radish. Many more to come!

Also of course getting lots of yummy organic greens & tropical fruit from the Farmer’s Markets. So many avocados right now!!! They’re incredible. Big huge avos, small ones….all different kinds!! All absolutely delicious.

What Fruit is Ripe Right Now?

At the Farmers Markets, which is all locally grown, with a lot of organic non GMO farmers, I’m seeing Cherimoya, Black Sapotes, a few Rollinia, Anemoya, still Rambutan & Longons, Chico Sapote, LOTS of citrus, all kinds, TONS of Avocados, all kinds, Passion fruit, a few Papayas, occasionally a Jackfruit or FRESH Durian!

In The Kitchen

I’ve been making batch after batch of raw vegan Flax crackers with fresh herbs from the garden, and am busy dehydrating all these bananas!

Making giant crazy Green Smoothies everyday with a huge variety of organic greens…dandelion, chicory, beet greens, collards, kale, plaintain, arugula, malabar spinach, purslane, moringa, aloe vera gel, mint and lots more! 

I have too much fresh organic Hawaii grown Turmeric to know what to do with. I’ve been juicing it and putting it in smoothies with Peaches and fresh frozen Hawaii grown Mango and Jackfruit that my friend froze last summer.

It’s a fabulous way to get your turmeric every day!